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Proprietary Software & Technology Integrated to Ensure Your Banking Relations and Compliance, Customer Satisfaction, Prevent and Stop Diversion, and Protect Privacy! “
Proprietary Software & Technology Integrated to Ensure Your Banking Relations and Compliance, Customer Satisfaction, Prevent and Stop Diversion, and Protect Privacy!
CannaTrac® Technology provides a TRUE cashless system for the consumer, retail merchant and financial institution that provides full traceability. We protect the confidentiality and privacy of the consumer while providing the required transparency for Qualifying accounts,Verifying dollars and assist Financial Institutions in Satisfying their regulatory requirements, that benefit all industry participants


Banks and Credit Unions will have an additional tool that helps in their risk assessment and regulatory oversight

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Businesses operate more efficiently by integrating our software to ensure banking relations through financial transparency

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Taxing authorities will have the ability to maximize the monetization of this new and ever evolving Billion dollar industry

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The CannaTrac® Team

Terry Patton


Terrence is a former member of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade and has successfully traded options on equities, financial indices, commodities and M&A for over 25 years. Since 2010 he has gained an understanding of the Cannabis Industry, attended the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS) symposium with over 250 researchers, scientists and doctors from all over the world. Terrence gained valuable insight into Colorado's Medical Cannabis industry during his statewide travels with one of the last remaining patients to continue receiving cannabis from the federal government.


Tomas E. Gavin


Thomas came to CannaTrac® with a long list of attributes. His previous business experience includes 18 years in residential and commercial real estate finance. During this time, he managed a corporate office along with 4 out-of-state offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Indiana and was responsible for over 100 employees. Although he grew up in a family in the marketing and advertising industry, his professional experience didn’t start until 2005, where he assisted with the development of an improved marketing campaign for 14 of the corporation’s publications. This led him to start T E G Resources, Ltd., which he founded in late 2007.

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The Only True Cashless System

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CannaTrac Technology, Inc. over the past three years has worked and developed trusted relationships that set the stage to be first in providing solutions that benefit your community. We've combined software, technology and the necessary resources to provide financial transparency for the Cannabis Industry and we have gained support from; State and national chartered financial institutions, local and state licensed businesses, local and state law enforcement, local, state and national political leaders and more importantly the citizens of your community.

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