Government Agencies



True Cashless Solution to Prevent Diversion

The CannaCard® platform can integrate into any state authorized financial institution banking the cannabis industry. CannaTrac's proprietary software is designed to help protect your community and industry participants by removing a significant amount of cash from transactions while providing transparency thru traceability.

  • The CannaTrac system facilitates the secure and proper collection of fees, excise taxes and sales taxes from the unique and emerging Billion dollar market of the Cannabis Industry  

  • The CannaTrac platform provides real-time monitoring of ALL financial transactions and provides the ability to deposit taxes and fees collected from each transaction to the State Taxing Authority/Department of Revenue  ....NO Delay!

  • The CannaCard® platform designed to manage/operate a government-mandated cashless system in any City, County, State, Nation and Territory.

  • Regulatory agencies will have access to ALL product and financial transaction data with comprehensive data analytics

  • Communities will be safer when CannaTrac's cashless system is in place

Please call us at 708-671-8462 or email us at to see how CannaTrac Technology can assist your financial institution and Compliance Officers in satisfying regulation requirements.



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